The ultimate aim of any industry is to increase the profit margin in way of increasing productivity and decreasing wastage. Relinquo offers a state-of-the-art technology for Turret Unwinder and Re-winder with automatic splicing mechanism. It is designed to handle a wide range of substrates like PET, POLY, BOPP, PAPER, BOARD and FOIL at very high production speed.

Working Principle
  • In turret reel station with automatic splicing mechanism, new reel / core and expiring web are brought together by indexing turret.
  • A new core/reel is then accelerated until it’s peripheral speed matches with web speed.
  • Once the expected speed is achieved, a pressure roll brings the web in contact with new reel/core.
  • Adhesive applied on core bonds the web to new reel/core.
  • Meanwhile the knife mounted on Splice Arm cuts the tail of expiring web.
  • Thus automatic reel change takes place without stopping the machine/process.
  • No downtime during run.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces wastage thus increases profit..
Core Components
  • Mechanical structure with Top and bottom frame.
  • Fabricated with MS Plates, Box pipes and channels.
  • Disk with Indexing mechanism.
  • Automatic Splicer equipped with Splice Arm, with pressure roller and shear blade.
  • Heavy Duty Safety Chucks designed for heavy reel load to operate at high speed and torque.
  • Heavy Duty pneumatic shaft 3” or 6” with rubber / metal lugs suitable for application.
  • Two stage gearbox with AC motor (rotation speed is @ 1mt/min.)
  • Automation Panel with dedicated algorithm to integrate with machine.
  • Automatic Tension control system capable for adopting a load cell signals from In/Out feed, and /or from linear transducer through dancer roller.
  • Dedicated pneumatic circuit to operate nip roller, pressure roller, splice arm and shear blades.
  • Individual drive and motor (Servo or VFD) to operate turret disk, and material reel.
  • All rotary part are coupled to and fro through heavy duty timing belt and pulley.